Almost Andrea Again

Music: Steve Leonard
Lyrics: JP Garwood
Released 2005, Fat Raleigh, Dyceum

Almost Andrea Again

Passing out the puzzle pieces
to assemble one by one
perfect pictures paralyzed
against the morning sun
without words when wishing
can make you come undone
but it’s almost through
in spite of you

Turning tides can be tiring
and it shows upon your face
taking time to turn around
may be your saving grace
burning bygone bridges
will help you win the race
And the end is near
despite your fear

Yearning years confuse you
yet there’s still a flame inside
did you just say yes
to selling off your pride
falling frightened faces
at one time still could glide
with such grace and flare
you once were there

So somersault through the hoops of fire
fly free my closest friend
You’re almost Andrea again
Lick your lips reluctant liar
sing songs into the wind
You’re almost Andrea again

The world loves…..JPGarwood

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