Almost Queen | NYCB Theater at Westbury 11/18/2017

Almost Queen brought the music of Queen to the NYCB Theater at Westbury, NY last Saturday. Thank you to everyone that came out to this show and made it a special night for us on this famous stage. I brought my camera along and wanted to share some scenes from the day!

The vital information for the day – doors, set times and curfew. Don’t go over curfew or you’ll end up like Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen 😉.

We ran a few songs during sound check, like Tie Your Mother Down, Flash, and Liar.

Dialed in the monitor mixes and front of house, got a feel of the stage, and reminded Joe not to fly into me with his “Freddie Pole“.

The staff in Westbury were kind and welcoming, and set up a delicious dinner spread for the band and crew.

Dessert can set apart a good night from a great night! The éclairs here got things going in a great direction.

Tony and Matty! Our fearless on stage crew and partners in crime. If you see either of these guys, give them a hug!

The theater, previously known as Westbury Music Fair, hosted some of rock and roll’s most legendary performers.

It’s always fun to play on the same stage where your favorite artists once performed.

James, our sound engineer, “in action”.

Relaxing backstage.

It’s not unusual to find things like this in a dressing room at any venue.

You’ll always find this in my dressing room.

Everybody’s gettin’ here…

The stage is set…

Time to rock! Matty took these with my Canon 60D set to shutter priority mode, 1/160s, auto ISO. Tony took some video…

I really dug playing Love of My Life and ’39…

…and the Brighton Rock guitar solo!

Always a fun time playing with the Brian May signature 800ms delay. Here’s how it’s done…

An honor joining the audience singing We Are The Champions!

Thank you to the NYCB Theater Westbury and to all of you! You did, you did, rock us!

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