Closer To The Ground

Music and lyrics by Steve Leonard

Rain was comin’ down when you arrived;
every inch and pound
While the years seem to multiply
we still get around

Around a star that keep us wondering
in the light of doubt
through a world that we’re plundering
ah, but we’ll figure it out

Get up on your bike
and ride it all around
remember what it’s like
to be closer to the ground

Fireflies lighting up your eyes
still learning how to talk
what’s the word for this feeling that I’m feeling
just gonna take a walk

In the morning I hear you singin’
I want to know your song
but the time between day and night
just won’t last that long

Rolling down a hill
everything a thrill
take another spill
an empty glass to fill

Hide or join the chase
Determining your pace
Dance and state your case
Gazing into space

Breathing the air
Becoming more aware
a circle, or a square?
Remember not to stare

Fly me all around
Listen for the sound
Curiosity abound
Closer to the ground

Closer to the ground
Closer to the ground
Closer to the ground

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