Drowning In A Dream

Music and lyrics by Steve Leonard


Alligators, masqueraders
Cars out of control
Navigating a wooden ship
inside a salad bowl

Running from an avalanche
while you disappear
as the black tornado hits
I’m unawake in fear

I’m drowning in a dream

Severed my head but wasn’t dead
saw doctor of guitars
he said it didn’t look too good
but had seen worse by far

All the other patients
were disgusted by my sight
he put me back together
in the middle of the night

I’m drowning in a dream

Deep inside the war room
searching for some clues
some say the answer’s hidden
in the dresser full of shoes

I ducked around the corner
to find where it was at
a figure in the darkness said
“I wouldn’t open that”

Levitating in a trance
as voices scream in pain
They will not take your life
just the power of your brain
(the power of your brain)

Plug me in and take my blood
I know it can’t be clean
Drank water from the tap
washed my body in the stream

As the master crumbles
the computer’s telling lies
I don’t have a witness
or any alibis

I’m drowning in a dream
in a dream
in a dream

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