Fractal Sasquatch | Zombie Walk

A couple years ago I started a band with a bunch of my friends called Fractal Sasquatch. We have so much fun getting together and writing songs. Nothing too serious. The intent of the band quickly became focused on making ourselves laugh and smile. We’ve written a bunch of songs and are in the process of recording an album, but that’s going to take a little while, as usual. In the meantime, I produced and edited a music video for our song Zombie Walk!

The song was inspired by the annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk, and was recorded around 2015. I’m psyched that it’s finally finished and being made available for your enjoyment. I always thought we could make a great video for this song and incorporate footage from the Zombie Walk. This year we made it happen! We hit the Zombie Walk in early October, and did a second shoot of the band as Zombies frolicking around the Asbury Park boardwalk area. We really had a blast doing it and the footage came out great. Mike Vernazza did the camera work, I did the directing and editing. Here it is, just in time for a Mischief Night release!

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