New Album SYZYGY Now Available on Bandcamp

“This is like if Metallica went to Epcot and played Morocco”
-Bob Wischusen
about the track Whiff

“Steve Leonard embraces his psychedelic hard rock desires on his new album SYZYGY. The self produced follow up to the 2018 album Break The Code, SYZYGY changes course to take you on a kaleidosonic journey laced with heavy rhythms, rock attitude, and unabashed shredding. From the catchy hooks of Flow and Patron Saint of Irony, to the reflective aura of Whiff and You’re a Star, SYZYGY defies expectation and oozes with fervor.”
-Artie Fufkin • Polymer Records

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All songs written and performed by Steve Leonard
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Leonard

Released October 30, 2020

Steve Leonard – Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Don Frio – Organ on The Building Across The Way
Joe Vernazza – Drums on Patron Saint Of Irony
JP Garwood – Lyrics on Blow It Out, Patron Saint Of Irony, and What Can You Do?

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