New Video for ‘Whiff’ Off Upcoming Album Release

A future lies before you, culminating once and for all
but as you approach it, it curves into nothing at all

“This is like if Metallica went to Epcot and played Morocco”
-Bob Wischusen

I’ve been working on some new music during the great quarantine of 2020. Some of the songs are brand new, and some have been in the works for a while. The song ‘Whiff’ was written back in 2018, after a 10 hour round trip excursion to Watkins Glen, NY for Phish’s Curveball festival. We arrived to the festival site and as soon as we finished setting up, it was announced on the radio the festival was cancelled due to water contamination from local flooding. We looked forward to this festival for months, and planned out all we would need for our time there. It was gonna rock, but alas, it didn’t happen.

Lethargic from the long round trip home, and disappointed our plans did not turn out as we thought, I started playing around with my old Yamaha SY55 synth, and came up with ‘Whiff’. Lyricizing about what had just happened, within a dark musical vibe, the song came together quickly. It felt good that something came out of the failed excursion, and the sentiment has echoed during the past 6 months, with so many things planned and looked forward to, but didn’t happen.

Though the festival was cancelled, a new song was reeled in. Like that day, though so many of my shows were cancelled, and so many celebrations and plans for this year didn’t happen, something else happens. It’s certainly a huge bummer, I was so psyched for what was supposed to happen this year, and though it’s hard, it’s up to us to make something of our change in course, no matter the significance or impact.

I used some of the unplanned time off to finish a bunch of songs and recordings, and learn how to have more fun with some A/V software. As a result, I’m finishing up a new album of original music and made this video for the track ‘Whiff’. You can tell I love the infinite video feedback effect (aka that infinity thing that happens when you point a camera at a screen projecting the camera’s output), and had a blast playing around with the Star Wars-like hologram effect. Hope you enjoy watching, I’ll be sharing more music and video from the new album soon.

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