No Need

Music and lyrics: Steve Leonard
Released 2001, Mindface, S/T

Steve Leonard – Guitars/Vocals
Steve Graham – Vocals
Steve Leroy – Bass
Don Frio – Keyboards/Vocals
Peter Toth – Drums

No Need

Lift my eyes to see the sky
dripping down upon my face
Reflecting tears within my mind
never crossed by fears now true

How can I replace the fires
that burn for me and care to see
That’s just what you don’t want to know
which leaves me here alone…I’ve gotta go cause I’m

Never gonna be the one to understand you
I only wish that I could run from these lies that seem so true
Never gonna be the one to understand you
No matter how I try

So skies they pass and life moves on
sweep the times that hurt under the bed
And let them lay there with the monsters on the floor
I just can ignore, they often enter my head

Dust still spins around the flame
that brings us light to see the dove
And there’s no to understand
to fully love…I know its true

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