Part of Me

Music: Steve Leonard
Lyrics: JP Garwood
Recorded by Fat Raleigh, Dyceum, 2005

Part of Me

Everything black and white went gray
time didn’t mean a thing
I still had two good eyes left
and they could’nt hear the choir sing
But I was just too lazy
to ever go crazy
So I kept my sanity
You were going to have to be my ears
If you were to be a part of me

The only times I felt alive
Were now and seventeen
I don’t recall a memory
from the time spent in between
and if I could uncover
or ever discover
my hidden history
Then I could be that way again
And I’d hold on to that part of me

Danielle, the best that I can do
is put words on a page
I cannot give them meaning
or protect them all from age
But if you don’t mind trying
to save them from dying
you can give them melody
let the music give them life
and they’ll always be a part of me

And in my collection
the face of reflection
erased from the owner’s stare
contemplation is fleeting
on time worth repeating
yet part of me wants to be there

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