Phish | The Baker’s Dozen | 7/25/2017 “Jam Filled”

I caught the “Jam Filled” performance Phish gave last Tuesday, July 25, at Madison Square Garden. This was the 4th performance of 13 they are currently playing at MSG that make up the Baker’s Dozen run. Each night the band is giving out a limited number of donuts at the doors. This night’s donut was “Jam Filled”, and the show they played was just that. The run really heated up, with jammed out performances of some unusual songs, like Lawn Boy. Typically a 3 minute crooner, it clocked in at over 30 minutes with some tasty improvisation jammed inside! At this point, it’s clear the band is on their way to play all 13 nights with out repeating any songs. I can hardly think of another band that could play 13 nights at MSG. Forget about one that would play a completely unique set list every night. Only Phish.

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