Phish | New Year’s Run | 12/28/2017 – 12/31/2017

Just about five months since The Baker’s Dozen, Phish made their “triumphant return” to Madison Square Garden for the 2017-2018 New Year’s Run. Phish has taken over MSG as their home venue, arguably taking that title from Billy Joel, who’s “consecutive show” record they broke over the summer. I’ve seen so many of my favorite bands at MSG, from The Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, to my very first MSG experience, Rush (12/7/1991). This New Year’s Eve marked my 43rd Phish show at The Garden, having caught all or part of each run there since 12/30/1994. So many incredible memories made in that building. Those at the shows back then might notice some signs age creeping into the dance moves and the music, but the celebration of life and sonic adventures continue.


Here’s a compilation video from 12/28/2017 that highlights some of the awesome lighting from the night…

12/28/2017 Photo Gallery


12/29/2017 Photo Gallery


12/30/2017 Photo Gallery

Some people may wonder why anyone would go see a band perform so much. While they put on a “show” by any definition, Phish shows are different. Unlike a typical “concert experience”, they’re a gathering of friends and a meeting of the minds of people open to and moved by the same adventurous soundscapes, made by musicians willing to take a chance, in hopes of an ecstatic payoff that we can’t help but be delighted by. Phish also brings to the table an enormously deep catalog of music that was the soundtrack to some our most thrilling experiences, and like music in general, a beacon of hope in times of struggle. The guys on stage must feel this more than anyone. Though the windshield is a little dirty, the idiot light comes on from time to time, and sometimes we’re stranded searching for a pencil to hold the choke open to get the engine started, I’m grateful we’re still their companions on this ride.


12/31/2017 Photo Gallery

Chris Kuroda is really working magic with the lights. The light rig used this year is incredible, which makes it so much fun to watch and try to capture.

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