Robert Fripp | The Boffomundo Show 1979

An insightful, freewheeling 1979 interview with Robert Fripp, founder of King Crimson. I dig Fripp’s intense music and mind.

“We find ourselves in a world situation where things are frequently going wrong. We might throw our hands up in the air and say, but we’re nice people! We’re not creepy. Why should the world be in such a dreadful situation? Why doesn’t god put it right? Where are these angels descending from the heavens…”

“If one can, in some small way, bring a qualitative situation into ones life, it does effect others. My personal expression of this is that a qualitative leap inwards expands outwards in all directions. So, this gives us hope. Where are these angels to put the world right? Here we are. Here you are. This is it. The good news is, I sense there is an action in the world. The bad news is, it’s up to us.”

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2 thoughts on “Robert Fripp | The Boffomundo Show 1979”

    • Hey there Aaron!!!
      So wholesome to see your reply (Even tho a few years later)
      It was a amazing interview but is there any registry of the exact Date this interview happened?
      So this way we can look intro the DGM frippertronics Archive to look at the “last night concert” mentioned on the interview


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