Under the Wig – Almost Queen Guitarist Steve Leonard

Thanks for visiting steveleonard.net! You might have seen me as the opening act for the Queen tribute band Almost Queen, either solo or with my band. I usually mention during my set that I’m also the guitarist for Almost Queen, though sometimes people don’t entirely make the connection. After being introduced during the Almost Queen set, I’ve heard people in the audience say, “wait, that was him?” Yes, that was me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the original music I’ve been creating and sharing with the world. Thanks for being open to giving new music a chance and listening during my set opening for Almost Queen. I’d also like to thank the guys in Almost Queen for their enthusiastic support of my original music-making. Their support inspires me, and I’m excited that Almost Queen is in the process of recording an original song that I wrote for the band. More to come on that soon.

I know the audiences at the shows can’t wait to have their faces rocked off by their favorite Queen tribute, but besides being Queen fans, I think we’re all, first and foremost, music lovers. As music lovers, we connect and come together in many ways. Through the music of our favorite artists, like the incredibly powerful music of Queen, but also different music from artists we’ve never heard before. After all, we all heard our favorite artists and songs for the first time at some point. Some sounded like something we had known forever.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to perform some new music for you and for the attentive audiences. I’ve been writing songs and playing in original bands since I first picked up a guitar, and feel a deep connection with the songs I’ve been writing lately. When people clap or sing along, it feels like that’s coming through. As I reach out through the music, thank you for reaching back.

To those who know me as “Brian Maybe”, my music is a window to what’s happening under the wig. For me, the new songs I’ve been playing are a reminder, and a vehicle, to embrace being alive and in the moment. As the line goes in Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure, “this is our last dance.” Live music only happens in the now, using the most fundamental canvas, vibration, as a medium of expression. Vibration is what the world is made of. It is essential, and the music is simply an extension of that. If you hear it, give a listen.

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