We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Music and lyrics by Steve Leonard

I’ve seen lights in the sky that no one can explain
I used to be afraid they’d come and take me away
No one knows what they were, but I never could forget
A deeper river flows and we ain’t see nothing yet

We built all the cities, lived among the trees
Flew through the skies, sailed shining seas
Filled up the museums with all the works of art
Studied all the things we were told would make us smart
It’s all just a fraction, minuscule parts
Of something beyond all the dreams in our hearts
Where it’s revealed how the next song starts

We are all artists perfecting our work
How to be kind, how to be a jerk
How to be cool, how to be free
Yet become what it is that you didn’t want to be

How to send a message, how to receive
Did this song come from you? Because it didn’t come from me
Maybe a drop from the river leaked through
A deeper river flows with water that is new
A deeper river flows, we can’t go with you

We must gamble it all, but nothing is the bet
No need to keep track, no reason for regret
Can’t arrive early, never can be late
It’s made out of love but a side effect is hate
It’s not right or wrong, and there’s nothing to escape
A deeper river flow from an eternal lake
Where the deeper river flows there’s no word for mistake

The lights that I saw are different lights for you
But it’s not the lights we seek, but what they lead us to
Where words don’t exist, we’ll forget all the names
Put away your wallet, let’s stop playing games
Where the lights lead us is one and the same
And as we go further it will seem insane
When numbers disappear along with the alphabet
A deeper river flows
A deeper river flows
A deeper river flows and we ain’t seen nothing yet
A deeper river flows and we ain’t seen nothing yet

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