A Yearning in Hatboro

Music: Steve Leonard
Lyrics: JP Garwood

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A Yearning in Hatboro

I’ll check back in
when I return today
To the empty field
beyond the YMCA
And remember the lights
on the tractors there
How they painted a scene
at the Hatboro Fair

You’ll see nothing but grass
where the tilt-a-whirl ran
No funnel cake plates
in the blue garbage can
But I still hear the sounds
of late May and June
How they sing in my ears
a sweet pre-summer tune

Jewel of summer
magical world
Pennsylvania flag unfurled
Cotton candy
flavors the air
I’ve tasted its flavor
now I’ll always want to be there

I still have some money
but I’ll wait until when
Daddypops is open
for lunch time again
For now I’m pretending the carousel is turning
In my Hatboro heart
there’s a Hatboro yearning

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