Edward Milton Hays

Music by Steve Leonard
Lyrics by JP Garwood

Steve Leonard – Guitars, Vocals
Steve Graham – Lead Vocals
Don Frio – Piano, Organ, Vocals
Steve Leroy – Bass
Ryan Krieger – Drums

Recorded by Steve Leonard, Ryan Krieger, Don Frio, and Steve Leroy (2022-2023)
Mixed and mastered by Steve Leonard (Dec 2023)

Earlier this year, our musical brother and Mindface drummer, Ryan Krieger, moved on to another plane. Ryan was a great friend, father, and musical force of nature. His talent, focus, and friendship inspired every heart he touched. Last year, Ryan recorded some drum tracks for a few songs I wanted to produce, including the ol’ Mindface track “Edward Milton Hays”, which I wrote with lyrics by JP Garwood. I always dug this song, especially how Ryan played it, slathered with extra mustard. He played everything that way and continuously demonstrated what it means to pour your heart into the music and into life. He showed everyone he played with how to treat music-making with the same regard and attention he did. While we miss Ryan’s presence, every beat we continue to make will forever be shaped by the powerful and loving vibration he shared with us.


Never did the sights and sounds dilute your memory
Nor did the passing of time affect your ears
You were thinkin’ of better days
You were thinkin’ of better days
Weren’t you?
When you were younger

I don’t believe it’s a crime, you lying ’bout your innocence
Pretending you’re not what you seem to be
A simple old man don’t get much praise
Now does he Edward Milton Hays?
For some strange reason

Never did the mindless world stop to remember
Nor did the passing of time reduce its speed
It just keeps movin’ on, it’s just keep movin’ on
And suddenly, find someone else to take your place

So close your tired eyes
Leave on your disguise
Live happy in your lies, they will sustain you
You’re not the only one
Who knows it isn’t fun, to just remain you

If these be the final days
Of Edward Milton Hays
Forget a world that pays no mind
It will only drain you
If these be the final days
Of Edward Milton Hays
Never will the world stop to remember
That’s why no one ever stays
That’s why no one ever stays
That’s why no one ever stays
That’s why no one ever stays

Goodbye Edward Milton Hays
I’ll see you later

Mindface, The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ 2002

Makin’ It Through

Music and lyrics by Steve Leonard

Steve Leonard – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Organ
Don Frio – Piano
Michael Parillo – Drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Leonard

Why can’t I figure out where to go from here?
Sittin’ in the sun, singin’ songs, makes those thoughts disappear
Just like when we’re alone and the TV’s off
Put the world on pause, don’t hit record
or this moment might get lost

I’m not always easy, I know, nobody is
I’m still learnin’ to let the little things go, get through to why we live

You’re the only one that I can see
Who could spend their life with me
There are other ways to get where we are
but they weren’t meant to be

One day we might get old, but what can you do?
By then our story is told
I wanna write something new with you

I know that’s easy to say
but it shows in what you do
Give me a chance along the way
I’ll do the same for you

Oh, when the old man is keeping me down
and I’m about to break
I know I can let it all go
but I don’t wanna make a mistake

’cause you deserve more than you get
with all we’ve been through
What we have ain’t nothing yet
but did you notice that it grew?

So there’s a difference between the things that we want
and what we know is true
No matter the hand that we get
we’re already makin’ it through
we’re already makin’ it through
we’re already makin’ it through
we’re already makin’ it through

A Yearning in Hatboro

Music: Steve Leonard
Lyrics: JP Garwood

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A Yearning in Hatboro

I’ll check back in
when I return today
To the empty field
beyond the YMCA
And remember the lights
on the tractors there
How they painted a scene
at the Hatboro Fair

You’ll see nothing but grass
where the tilt-a-whirl ran
No funnel cake plates
in the blue garbage can
But I still hear the sounds
of late May and June
How they sing in my ears
a sweet pre-summer tune

Jewel of summer
magical world
Pennsylvania flag unfurled
Cotton candy
flavors the air
I’ve tasted its flavor
now I’ll always want to be there

I still have some money
but I’ll wait until when
Daddypops is open
for lunch time again
For now I’m pretending the carousel is turning
In my Hatboro heart
there’s a Hatboro yearning