Makin’ It Through

Music and lyrics by Steve Leonard

Steve Leonard – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Organ
Don Frio – Piano
Michael Parillo – Drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Leonard

Why can’t I figure out where to go from here?
Sittin’ in the sun, singin’ songs, makes those thoughts disappear
Just like when we’re alone and the TV’s off
Put the world on pause, don’t hit record
or this moment might get lost

I’m not always easy, I know, nobody is
I’m still learnin’ to let the little things go, get through to why we live

You’re the only one that I can see
Who could spend their life with me
There are other ways to get where we are
but they weren’t meant to be

One day we might get old, but what can you do?
By then our story is told
I wanna write something new with you

I know that’s easy to say
but it shows in what you do
Give me a chance along the way
I’ll do the same for you

Oh, when the old man is keeping me down
and I’m about to break
I know I can let it all go
but I don’t wanna make a mistake

’cause you deserve more than you get
with all we’ve been through
What we have ain’t nothing yet
but did you notice that it grew?

So there’s a difference between the things that we want
and what we know is true
No matter the hand that we get
we’re already makin’ it through
we’re already makin’ it through
we’re already makin’ it through
we’re already makin’ it through

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